Adventure Medical Kits provides backcountry first-aid solutions from trusted brands. Play Safe!

In late 2011 we were put in touch with Joe Sementilli, Vice President of Sales & Marketing from Adventure Medical through an industry connection. Shorty thereafter we began representing the Adventure Medical brands here in the Rocky Mountains and one of the most attractive parts of our relationship is the fit. There are few leaders in their respective categories throughout the outdoor marketplace, and when looking at leadership in any way you’ll find that Adventure Medical leads the way: market share, innovation, research on backcountry medicine, quality, width of their product offering and, they've got America's Top Ranked Adventure Racing Team lead by Kyle Peter, also an Adventure Medical Kits sales manager!

Since 2011 the survival category has seen growth in the retail space, and Adventure Medical Kits has come to market with many new iterations of their best selling Mountain series kits, Outdoorsman series kits as well as continued the dominance in SOL shelters, biivys and blankets. Richening our relationship with Adventure Medical Kits for the coming decade is a top priority for our sales representative agency and we welcome the challenges that will present themselves in order to accomplish this.