Big Ox O2’s mission is to enable the world to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of high-purity oxygen by offering it recreationally in a portable, easy-to-administer manner.


Big Ox O2 is a safe and legal supplement option for individuals seeking heightened levels of focus and energy, increased physical recovery times from physical exertion, faster reaction speeds, and relief from altitude sickness and alcohol intoxication.  Big Ox O2 is dedicated to providing athletes, outdoor adventurists, college students, long-haul drivers and individuals working in high-paced business environments with an easily accessible, safer alternative to coffee and energy drinks.   

The founders of Big Ox O2 identified a need for the general public to gain access to high-purity oxygen while working in the Medical Gases and Home Respiratory Industries.  As passionate drinkers of coffee and energy drinks, they realized that the use of the products were causing negative, undesirable side effects, including heart palpitations, agitation, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, and tooth enamel decay.  Having manufactured and distributed Medical Oxygen USP for many years, they knew the benefits of 95% pure oxygen and strongly believed that an opportunity existed to introduce the general public to the benefits of high purity oxygen in a legal, safe and recreational fashion.  The founders of Big Ox O2 tested the impact and efficacy of recreational oxygen upon several of their family members, colleagues and friends.  The positive results were remarkable – and it was clear that a market existed for portable oxygen canisters.  Shortly thereafter, Big Ox O2 was born.

As a compay that’s based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains we recognize and appreciate the power of oxygen. Bringing oxygen to our retailers and consumers was a business we wanted to be a part of. The BigOx team are some of the hardest working guys around and they are a great partner.

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