At Princeton Tec, we've been pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than three decades. And yes, you could say it's been quite a ride. In our pursuit to be the world's best, we've travelled the earth by ocean, by air, by bike and by foot. We've consulted great athletes, scaled mountains, traversed the poles, touched the ocean floors and rolled two wheels on every continent. We are constantly inspired by what our ever evolving environments have to offer and the human spirit that challenges us to tackle them. This spirit, our spirit, motivates us to push technology and design, so that we can ensure that you have, not only the best lighting solutions, but solutions where technology is applied and the performance makes sense for how you use them.

If you back up time until circa 1994-1995, you will recall a time when there were two headlamps on the market: Petzl Zoom, Petzl Micro. It was at this time that Michael Fattori & David Cozzone from Princeton Tec began a relationship with Ryan. At that time Princeton Tec was leading the world of underwater lighting all 100% made in the USA and pursuing a position in the outdoor marketplace with brighter, more durable and US Made hands free lighting with the Solo & Vortec Headlamps. At this time Princeton Tec had almost zero distribution in the outdoor marketplace and was not interested hiring independent manufacturers sales representatives. Ryan kept in close touch with both Michael & David from Princeton Tec and when Princeton Tec was ready to pursue the marketplace through hiring independent manufacturers sales representatives Ryan was ready and we became the first sales representatives for Princeton Tec. This timing was great...since this time the lighting & illumination category is one that we’ve had the opportunity to navigate through a large part of the product lifecycle; managing the category from infancy to the point where it is now in maturity. We have seen the rapid expansion from 2 SKU’s to many hundreds and now settling in with three main suppliers to the marketplace. It has been truly an experience in building a market. Princeton Tec has heightened their game in the world of lighting by staying in the lead with providing the brightest lights the quickest to the marketplace, with high quality materials all made in the USA for over 40 years by this small family owned company.