Why A Showroom?

We began pursuing our showroom concept in 2011, at a time when the outdoor trade had several venues, in multiple locations that buyers and sales representatives have to meet, conduct line reviews and show & sell products.  Some of the many vehicles that are available to foster the manufacturer and retailer relationship are/were:

- Multiple strengthening regional trade shows (WWSRA, EORA, AORE, Etc…).
- Many buying group trade shows (GOA, NBS, Worldwide, Etc…).
- Several large national trade shows (OR, SIA, Interbike, SHOT, Etc…).
- Necessary person-to-person travel to the buying offices of all of our retail customers.
- Setup in parks, outdoor spaces and hotel conference & meeting rooms.
- Conducting factory visits with our retailers partners.

The multiple venues began to present a challenge for the “retailer & rep” ability to really get the most necessary part of our jobs accomplished: the line review and add drop decisions for product mix selections for the upcoming seasons.


Inception, Ideation & Buildout

Our showroom was built in late 2011 & early 2012 and debuted for the first time in mid 2012 when we began our pre-season and previews for the Spring 2012 season.  At that time we hosted about 25 of our customers to review their business as we looked forward to the Spring of 2012.  Since that time, we have taken the space through more iterations by adding several new experiential items and more workspace with better assortment analysis and selection tools for our customers.  The showroom gets reset each season (twice yearly) to bring the space compliant for the future season as we are always working about 5-10 months in advance, this keeps our showroom always having the next years and upcoming seasons products and visual merchandising (point of sale/point of purchase).

The showroom was built expressly for our retailers… primarily for the buyers, as a space to choose product mixes, accomplish the most thorough experience with the products & programs, leveraging the relationships with the sales representatives and the company principals.  The space exceeds all of the above venues with the best analysis of the metrics while being able to see and choose from the entire product mix as well as see what it might look like at the retail point of sale; nowhere else can all of this important measures be accomplished.


The Future Of Our Showroom

As a secondary function, we have hosted presentations from outdoor athletes such as Eric Larsen, arctic explorer, and conducted multiple rep advisory panel sales meetings at our location.  Soon, we will expand our services to better the outdoor community by hosting non-profit organization regular meetings & industry trade association meetings as well.  We look forward to evolving our valuable showroom space to adapt and change, providing whatever needs the future marketplace will present to us.

To be sure that our rep agency is poised for the future by positioning ourselves to be able to meet with our customers in many ways at many places (trade shows, national shows, showroom, in their offices, at demos, etc..) is really our goal.  Being adaptable and capable in many ways was the goal so that our customers have multiple options to be able to be able to complete the jobs.

Please come visit our showroom and see how it can benefit your business.

Ryan Overstake & Team