Outdoor Retailer Sales, Training and In-Store Marketing to
Meet Your Business Requirements

At Hi Altitude Sales & Consulting, we provide our clients with unmatched customer service. We provide outdoor sales, training and marketing through innovative technology to produce unparalleled results. As a successful sales organization, Hi Altitude Sales & Consulting strives to ensure customer satisfaction from every angle. As a result of our superior outdoor sales, training and marketing, we have become one of the top agencies in the industry. 


Hi Altitude Sales & Consulting ensures our team members are easily accessible and available to work on client sales at any moment. We create a true sales environment where each of our sales representatives combines their passion, lifestyle and personality into each work day. Our team of well-trained people is Hi Altitude’s biggest asset and is of extreme importance -- they drive our business.    

We grow our brands through purchase order solicitation and processing, retail inventory management and retail selling space merchandising.



Education and training are at the core of Hi Altitude Sales & Consulting’s business model. When a retailer and customer are empowered to make educated purchasing decisions, customer satisfaction is the end result.  We educate and train our buyers, sales staff and consumers and provide the necessary resources for success.   

As an outdoor sales agency, one of the most enjoyable and important aspect of the jobs is hosting clinics. Our staff is on the front lines ensuring that every retailer and consumer is knowledgeable about our products.   Our team strives to instill enthusiasm and motivation by working with the majority of the retail employees in one-on-one training sessions.

Along with our face-to-face interactions and training, Hi Altitude has made great strides to make certain we are technologically advanced to provide unmatched training and customer service.  We have invested in the latest software enabling us, and our clients, to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Our buyers, fellow reps, and key manufacturer personnel appreciate this form of teaching and communication. We strive to ensure everyone is informed and knowledgeable about products and business goals. 



Hi Altitude dedicates time for each client.  We have established and maintain a system where time can be allocated to perform the functions needed to obtain sales and marketing goals.  Our team dedicates time to work in the field, run the showroom and manage our valued relationships. We believe that on-site visits are of extreme importance and we maximize our time at each retail location to ensure our clients succeed.  

We perform direct promotional planning, attend trade show and sales meetings as well as conduct product assortments and manage categories to help our respected clients market their brands and products.