More than just creative...
Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank founded Granite Gear in 1986. We are passionate about offering products that are not just creative, but innovative. Granite Gear is all about building gear that will last. When you consider how much energy and resources it takes to replace a product, it’s clear this is the most important thing we can do to lighten our footprint. We’re proud to have one of the lowest warranty return rates out there.When you travel in the wilderness, shed the marketing department, forget about your gear, and discover something about yourself and how you want things to be.


Circa 1993-1994 a strong, long term & honest relationship began with Ryan, Jeff Knight & Dan Cruikshank (owners & co-founders of Granite Gear) at the Sport Chalet in Southern California where Granite Gear was a small but important supplier of quality backpacks, gloves, mittens and tele-cuffs to the climbing department at the leading Southern California Retailer where Ryan was the buyer.  The small boundary waters based US manufacturer built gear which coined the term bombproof with their Rock Solid Compression Sack and also solidified a long term relationship with our sales representative agency here in the Rocky Mountains.

This relationship between Hi Altitude Sales & Consulting & Granite Gear is one of the longest continually working relationships that we have!  Starting long before Ryan became a sales representative and lasted through two different regions that Ryan has worked (CA, NV, AZ & HI …as well as… CO, WY, NM, WY & NE, the current and permanent home of Hi Altitude Sales & Consulting).  For this reason, and for reasons of continued growth and success of the brand, we look forward to deepening our relationship as Granite Gear continues to diversify.